What to Know When Getting Charged with a Crime

When police,DEA,FBI or any other law enforcement agency suspects that you have committed a crime,they have the right and duty to arrest,question and charge you if they have enough supporting evidence. However,you also have many rights that should never be overlooked. In fact,these rights should be read out to you as you are being placed under arrest. This is a legal requirement. When getting charged with a crime,here are some things you must know.

Your Rights

Whether you committed the crime or not,you have rights that the police are required to uphold. First of all,you are innocent until proven guilty. Second,you have the right not to say anything. This is because anything you may say can be used against you in court. While this is your right,detectives and other investigators may still try to question you until you say something that may incriminate you,so be sure to remain silent. You can give the police your name and address and other basic details,but nothing touching on the case.

You Can Call Your Lawyer

When you have been placed under arrest,you have the right to call your defense attorney . You can call a loved one and ask them to find a competent defense lawyer to help you with your case. Be sure to ask for your one phone call as soon as possible.

Ask for Bail

Law enforcement agencies have the duty to arraign you in court to face the charges within reasonable time. This can be 48-72 hours,depending on your home state and the day of the arrest. Getting arrested on Friday is the worst,because you will have to spend several days behind bars. Once you have been arraigned in court,your lawyer should ask the court to release you on bail. Once bail has been granted and the bail amount set,you can look for a bail bondsman to bail you out of jail.

Never Miss a Court Date

Once you have been released on bail,you should never miss a court date,because this will lead to an issuance of a warrant of arrest by the court. For additional information: criminal justice system

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